Mega Cotton Textiles Introduction

Mega cotton textile has been design on the most modern lines. All facilities are incorporate into the design. To ensure very pleasant working conditions and aesthetics. The pieces of equipment install are state-of-the-art machinery available today in the market.

The cotton material industry is a business that include making garments out of fiber. It is perhaps the most season industry in the world. India has a magnificent history of deliver phenomenal quality cotton materials. It’s trying to pinpoint the specific date endless cotton clothing began being utilize. Yet history specialists have found pieces of a cotton plant that date back a while back. In any case, there’s no proof that cotton was utilize in clothing until some other time.

Mega cotton material

Mega Cotton Textile is the Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile
We really do deliver Kitchen Towels in Plain Weave, Dobby Weave, and Jacquard weave. We additionally Do Tea Towels, Industrial towels, Hospital towels, Laundry towels, printed towels, Terry towels, and Kitchen sets. Napkins, stove Gloves, Pot mits, Aprons, Table cloths.Table mats. Decorative linens. Ribbed Placemats. Strong colored texture, Yarn colored texture, Plain weave texture, Dobby weave Fabric, Jacquard Weave texture.

We additionally do Chef coats, Chef Hat, Dish Cloths, and Dish Covers.
Yarn-colored kitchen Wears, rest weave, Shorts, Pajamas. Yarn-colored shirts and yarn-colored cushioned coats. They really do have our Own bus-less dobby looms set up in-house. Truly do create quality items with opportune conveyances.
This line of business started around 1960 and perceived our administration and skill with the main producer and providers of Home Textile and woven articles of clothing with for the most part 100 percent cotton, CVC, Organic cotton, and Half material. Mega Cotton Textile is a manufacturing set up over a covered region of 25000 square feet with an all-out place that is known for 54000 square feet in the focal point of Multan. Multan is the Cultural focal point of Pakistan and home of Home materials, which is popular in yarn-colored items everywhere. Mega Cotton Textile is planned on the most present-day lines with all offices integrated with best-in-class current apparatus.

Mega Cotton Textiles